Introducing Sonder Fellows of 2017

Sonder Connect is proud to introduce the 2nd batch of women entrepreneurs . Eleven founders from 5 cities in India have been chosen to be part of our challenging but enthralling mentorship program IGNITE . 

The IGNITE 2017 launch was held in Bangalore from the 2nd February till 4th February 2017 . Various workshops and seminars were conducted for the batch over the course of 3 days.  

Day 1-  The first day was all about the new Sonder fellows introducing themselves to one another and getting to know our trustees. Our first batch of Sonder fellows shared their testimonial stories about the Sonder experience.  

Day 2-  On the second day there were multiple sessions  by Seema Kumar of IBM, Sanket Atal of Oracle and Abhishek Bajaj of Microsoft .Workshops were held for Go to Market strategy, Digital marketing and Branding by our team of experts. 

Day 3- The last day was focused on 1:1 speed mentoring sessions between our panel of experts and the founders. 

The eleven founders of IGNITE 2017 are as follows : 

  1. Aditi Chadha – DAZL
  2. Vaishali Neotia- Merxius
  3. Sonia Swaroop – Match My Talent
  4. Meghna Nambiar – Scalene Technologies 
  5. Stuti Datanwala – iOwn
  6. Aparna Mishra- Krishna Polymer
  7. Nupur Gupta- Nira Finance
  8. Honey Jain – Kowrk
  9. Namu Kini and Misha Gill – Happy Healthy Me
  10. Supriya Mamgain – Play Your Sport 
  11. Shruti Sinha- Rehash Technologies 






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