Testimonials from our Founders


SonderConnect has concluded with the mentoring sessions conducted for our first batch of 2016.  We received multiple insights from our 13 founders

Reena Haorokcham : Thank you SonderConnect Founders and Co-founders and everyone involved.It’s been a lovely journey with great interactive sessions.

Ramina Haorokcham: Amazing SonderConnect ! I feel emotional like a student graduating from school. Very lucky to have met each one of you.


Vidya Vellala: Thanks a lot to SonderConnect and all the Founders . You are an amazing group!

Bleetech Innovations

Nupura Kirloskar: Thank you SonderConnect for this amazing opportunity and platform provided for us.


Lisa Mohapatra:  I feel proud to be a part of such an empowering group of women. !


Ankita Jain :

I would like to rate it 4.5/5 had a wonderful experience especially the weekend

when we all founders were together I can never forget that time for life. The

relations that we have build with the other founders is the most precious gift from

Sonders for which I will always be indebted to Latika, sejal and anju. Thank you

thanks a ton for everything. And we at GoPaisa.com are on a very important stage

right now where we need an advisor who can hand hold us and help us build the

World first buying decision making platform where we want to add value to our

customers by helping them choose the right product and avail it at the best price

through the means of genuine user reviews expert opinions and price comparisons.


Cleodel Savkur –

Sonderconnect helped me re focus my direction and take some hard decisions. It made

me realise that I am not alone, as the apprehension and obstacles faced by me, was not

only faced by fellow founder mates, but also the organisers of the event at different stages

of their own journeys. It was a great experience, filled with valuable insights, and helped

me re focus my business and steer its path. The organisers, the mentors were so helpful,

and always got back to us if we needed assistance or advice. I had a great time and it

helped me immensely.


Niharika Verma:

My overall experience with SonderConnect has been a five on five.I want to

specially mention about my Mentor Mr.Sameer Garde, who is an amazing human

being and I can’t thank him enough for all the help and support he is giving us.I am

also, indebted to Sonder connect team for being so helpful and insightful. Being in

Bangalore, I am keen on volunteering for the next Sonderconnect sessions in any

way possible.


Shikha Suman:

This was one of the best group that I have been part of. The co participants and the

organizers are the biggest highlights. This much of vibrant people are yet to meet.

Session were really good and very focussed. It was all practical and less of gyaan.


Anshul Khandelwal :

It was amazing. I learnt better ways to do business and now have a

strong support system that can be mutually beneficial.


Manjiri Bakre :

I enjoyed my experience with SonderConnect. Was good to interact with

entrepreneurs from different walks of life and with different backgrounds and the

mentors! Mentors were friendly, knowledgeable, approachable and did an

excellent job about mentoring such a wide variety of ventures. This is an excellent

initiative and hope that this continues. As mentioned before my only suggestion to

improve would be to group companies according to the topic and then hold 2 small

sessions? I think the progression of the 2 selected companies to BlackBox was a

huge plus and everyone learned int the process fro their experiences.

The Boxer Store:

Pallavi Khandelwal

I think the experience was wonderful and it really helped in terms of a reality check.

Also having access to mentors and industry experts was great . Overall the entire

team was so wonderful and helpful that you don’t feel you are alone in this

entrepreneurial journey.

Chungi Store:

Shwetha Tiwary

Our sales graph says everything. A big thank you to all the team members for your

guidance, support and mentoring. I would rate this as an excellent effort for females

founders because we are neglected in startup ecosystem.dsc_0031dsc_0346






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