Chungi- Reviving art and artists


Chungi is the brainchild of Shwetha Tiwary. Born and raised in Bihar from an agrarian background .Her humble personality and  pleasant face is a reflection of all the struggle and odds she has faced to make it to the point where she is today.

The store has gained a foothold in social media due to it evocative presence. The colorful range of Chungi products are splashed all over Facebook, the website (,and Twitter. Lately various digital magazines are also featuring its’s attractive products. It is truly a measure of success for Chungi.

To have worked in a male dominated sector (most sectors in India are occupied by males predominantly), it wasn’t an easy move for Shwetha to break all barriers and land in Delhi to make a career in advertising. No formal degree or family name to back-up in advertising, she made it happen all on her own. Chungi is an amalgamation of all she has experienced and the need to give back to the people who have nurtured her.

She not only diligently created an all womens team which forms the backbone of Chungi, however has also kept in mind to work towards the welfare of the team members. The focus from the very beginning has been empowerment, self-sufficiency and independence (financial & emotional) of the women involved in the initiative. All along the team is being capacitated with new skills each passing day.Its heart warming to be able to bring smiles on the faces of those who desired this kind of support and in return you get appreciation and recognition.

Chungi was launched in public domain in February 2014. You can see Chungi products featured in Indianroots, Fabfurnishing, Tadpolestore, Limeroad, Why so serious and Gaatha online store. Chungi had recently participated in Bombay Store Launchpad.  Visit the chungistore here !!




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